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this whole heroin kid clothing thing is disgusting, heroin should not be glamorised by dumb tumblr queens.

  • heroin does not make you a cute skinny edgy person.
  • heroin is not some fashion statement.
  • heroin wont make you like effy from skins or whatever the fuck you’re trying to be.
  • heroin fucking kills.

this is basic shit we learn this in fucking primary school people


Anonymous asked:

You did a lengthy answer on what a Scorpio man is like in a relationship...what about a Scorpio woman?? If you already have a post on this can you please link me to it? Also, the way you write is amazing. You really have a way with words, and I love reading your long posts!


I haven’t written it, but I’m very excited to! Also, that genuinely made my day. Thank you so much, I’m so pleased and honored to hear that. It means so much to me when people say that they like my writing, because I feel that when I write, I express my truest self. :)

Scorpio women will charm you, evade you, destroy you. They are millions of shades of personalities; you can never quite catch up. They will laugh and dance and the next moment they will be cold and observant. They are elegant queens and charming pixies, seductive sirens and whimsical princesses. When you date a Scorpio woman, you are not dating just one woman; you are dating an eternity. They will show themselves to you when they evade everyone else. They will charm everyone around them with a smirk, but fall into your arms the moment you are alone. They will feel no need to hide from you because they owe you, always and forever, for each moment of every day. A Scorpio woman will always be indebted to you, in her mind. If you buy her flowers, she will ponder for hours until she comes up with a way to benefit you. She will give you the blunt truth when you need it and hold your hand when you crave it. She can read you better than you can read yourself. She is strong and harsh, but she will let you see the gentleness of her love with sweet smiles and long hugs. She will be affectionate and it will surprise you. She’ll tease and snark at you endlessly, but kiss you when you’re not expecting it and lean her head on your shoulder while you’re walking, just to make sure that you know she appreciates you. She will stand up for you always; she will throw herself in danger for you any day.She will rarely say “I love you” because she doesn’t want it to become routine and lose its meaning. Besides, there are a million other ways to say it, for her. She tells you every day, with her eyes, or hands, or fingertips. She will make you laugh when you need it most. She won’t need words; just being around you is enough. She will always point out the beauty of the world to you, and you will know that the way she sees you is unique and precious, it will never be touched.

This is so much longer than the Scorpio man one!! I guess it’s because I know from experience, so I feel less uneasy writing about it. Anyways, I hope you like this and I very much enjoyed writing it! :)

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